Nevada Bird Records Committee (NBRC)

Hooded Warbler / Photo: Greg Scyphers

Hooded Warbler / Photo: Greg Scyphers

Purposes of the Nevada Bird Records Committee

A. Evaluate and endorse records of occurrence of selected birds within the state of Nevada.
B. Maintain and archive the Committee’s votes and comments.
C. Release for publication at least minimal data on all records receiving a decision.
D. Provide a means by which the records can gain universal acceptance as valuable scientific data.
E. Increase knowledge of the birds of Nevada.
F. Establish standards of observation and reporting against which field observers may compare their own techniques.
G. Keep or cause to be kept the official Nevada State List

         Purposes adapted from Western Field Ornithologists (WFO)


Nevada Bird Records Committee
c/o Great Basin Bird Observatory
1755 E. Plumb Lane
Suite 256A
Reno, NV  89502

--AT-SYMBOL--  gbbo--DOT--  org

Note concerning banded birds

If you have found a bird with a band containing the letters "NBRC", it is not from the Nevada Bird Records Committee. Instead, it is from another bird-related group that happens to share our initials, the National Birmingham Roller Club, "...a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of the flying and breeding of the Birmingham Roller Pigeon." Click here to go to their website: .  Their "Contact Us" tab permits you to report the information.