Tsegaye Mengistu - July 2018 Yellow-billed Cuckoo - Survey Experience Field Camp

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Tsegaye Mengistu - July 2018 Yellow-billed Cuckoo - Survey Experience Field Camp


When: July 9-13, 2018
Where: Southeastern AZ   

What: This Camp is aimed at providing 40 hours of YBCU field experience required for 10(a)1(a) permitting in many states. This Camp does not substitute for the USFWS-approved annual yellow-billed cuckoo training required for federal and state permits in many states, including Arizona and New Mexico.  
Participants will spend the week with Murrelet Halterman, observing Yellow-billed Cuckoos, conducting Protocol surveys, and viewing and discussing habitat components at multiple riparian areas in Arizona. We will primarily be based in Sierra Vista, and will travel to different sites from there. We will work in a variety of habitats, and discuss the variation in use across different sites, vocalizations, and behaviors of all cuckoos observed. On one afternoon, Murrelet will present a lecture session covering Yellow-billed Cuckoo identification, behavior, habitat use, and the Yellow-billed Cuckoo call-playback protocol.

Who: Dr. Murrelet Halterman has studied Yellow-billed Cuckoos throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada for over 25 years. This includes coordinating statewide surveys, conducting primary research on home range, vocalizations, and mating systems, and conducting training workshops. She is the lead author on the current Yellow-billed Cuckoo survey protocol.

Please Note: This is a field camp. We will be hiking over rugged terrain for miles in the sun, wading through creeks and rivers, encountering mosquitos and venomous snakes, and getting up very early to drive to the field sites. It’s nothing out of the ordinary for field biologists, but please consider this carefully before signing up for the camp.

Registration Fee: Agency employees: $800. All others: $1200. Maximum of six participants. Agency Employees – please contact me if you wish to attend. We can reserve a space while you arrange payment.

Included: A minimum of 40 hours survey and habitat evaluation experience.
Not Included: Transportation, meals, lodging, field gear.

For more information: Please contact Murrelet Halterman at murrelethalterman@gmail.com.


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